Awesome Testimonials

This has made Wordpress site building a breeze. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I would be happy to pay ten times the price. The time/money this clever & valuable tool saves pays for it within one hour of using it.


Used several page building plugins… not one can compete with Visual Composer. Support is Excellent, Flexibility of plugin is Incredible! I have not found a difficulty with this plugin after 2-years of usage. Great work… keep it up as the upgrades are seamless and enhance the functionality. Very Nice!


Amazing product, it is possible to completely change the entire interface of the website, very good quality, spectacular support, one of my best purchases.


When people starts to talk abut WP I always says: “Start with Visual Composer!”, and the support: It can’t be better then the one I get here!

Staffan Torner

Excellent page builder! I use it on every site I build!


Brilliant product and very competent support if you need it.