Visual Composer is user and developer friendly. Extend Visual Composer by adding new content elements is a piece of cake. Visual Composer was developed thinking about third party developers and theme authors needs. Want to extend Visual Composer backed up WordPress theme of yours even more? Right from your functions.php file you can modify default content elements or add your own shortcodes to the Visual Composer’s drag and drop interface.

Use built in methods to “teach” Visual Composer how it should work with new content element (shortcode) and just in few minutes you will extend Visual Composer. Use well developed and structured API in order to expand your or your customers WordPress borders.

Simple as running this piece of code:

vc_map( array(
   "name" => __("Bar tag test"),
   "base" => "bartag",
   "category" => __('Content'),
   "params" => array(
         "type" => "textfield",
         "holder" => "div",
         "class" => "",
         "heading" => __("Text"),
         "param_name" => "foo",
         "value" => __("Default params value"),
         "description" => __("Description for foo param.")
) );

Not a developer? No problem!

Now Visual Composer has solution on how to extend its functionality even if you are not a developer. With the brand new Shortcode Mapper everyone can easily add any third party shortcodes to Visual Composer and access them from Visual Composer element menu.

More information can be found in our Knowledge Base and blog post.